Hello, nice to meet you.


I’m Fon, a simple wanderer from Thailand. Travel is my passion, but i don’t personally focus on touristic places or activities. I prefer to create my own map. My travel buddy is “Max” the nicest french guy who turns out to be my fiancé.



Paris first time

Before i went to Paris, I imagined myself walking in the street with french music and observing the famous parisian fashion, every step i passed i could smell the perfume.


I took all of my expectation with me, I visited almost every touristic places, Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, l’Arc de Triomphe, Sacré-Cœur etc. However, I wasn’t happy, it wasn’t like in the movies or TV shows… Paris was beautiful and unique in its own style, but why i was not satisfied? And that moment i realized that my expectation got me down and that I didn’t get to know yet this world’s famous capital city.

But not the last time

Lucky me! I had a chance to get back there many times, these times i didn’t have enough space in my luggage for any expectation. I walked slower, I observed people, I was more interested in little roads, small boutiques and cool cafes, then i discovered my favorite style of travel. I did go back to those touristic sites, but with different attitude, and they were absolutely “magnifique”!


If i hadn’t visited Paris again, I would have been so disappointed in this city. That’s why I’m here to share my experiences and my hidden places not only Paris, but many more cities and countries to come. They aren’t maybe really lost places where no one knows before, but i will show you new aspects of travel through my lens and my stories.

Also I have a part for cat lovers out there “Cats & Cities“, because my fiancé is a real fan of cats. Everywhere we travel, when he sees a cat, he will never let it go without taking (many) pictures! Some of you might do the same, don’t you?

I write both in English and French because i want to brush up my English and practice my French. As i’m not native speaker of the 2 languages, i would like to apologize in case of any linguistic mistakes.

I’m ready to hear from you, don’t keep it only for yourself…SHOW ME YOUR HIDDEN PLACES!