Go on vacation to Paris in autumn

“Paris is always a good idea.”, said Audrey Hepburn. She knew what she was talking about, and while there are no bad times of the year to visit the authentic French capital, autumn is particularly a beautiful season to see the city.

Imagine the sound of the crunchy golden leaves underfoot, being caressed by the crisp cool sunny days, enjoying cups of hot chocolate, and attending new exhibitions. It may feel like a daydream, but it is nothing more than Paris in autumn.

We relate to Paris in the fall season as being the city’s second new year, as the Parisians return from the summer holidays and the city wakes up from its summer rest. As the businesses reopen, there are indeed some interesting things to do during the fall period when visiting the town.

The best things to do in Paris in autumn

Let’s dive deeper into the nicest activities to do when going on vacation in Paris in the fall season.

Cheaper hotels in Fall season

The end of summer also means that the prices for hotels usually get cheaper at this period of the year. This is mainly because of the dispersion of the crowds from summer season, and people getting back to work. So, it is the Parisian’s way to attract visitors to the hotels.

Some quite good destinations to turn to in terms of prices and quality of service are the hotel in Paris 8 and the hotel in Paris 6. Everything is done to greet the fall season visitors and give them the best services to enjoy a peaceful vacation in the city.

Walk in the park

Paris is beautiful anytime of the year, but autumn seems to add another facet to the already beautiful city. Taking a walk along the Seine, having the appetising smell of roasted chestnuts from street stalls and having the bouquiniste booksellers not so far away is a must !

However, if you do not want to miss the most beautiful Parisian autumn colours, just head to one of the city’s parks. And to play it very cosy, grab some crêpes and wrap up with a warm coat while relishing the fabulous foliage of the Jardin des Tuileries, the Places des Vosges or why not visit the most secret places in Paris.

Comfort food is not to be missed of course !

If we all know the famous baguettes, ham, cheese and rosé combo for summer picnics, we must talk about the autumn comforting Parisian food as well ! Visiting Paris in autumn is the good time of the year to test out some iconic dishes such as the French onion soup, Boeuf bourguignon (beef cooked in a red wine sauce), Cassoulet (pork and bean stew), Gratin Dauphinois (potatoes cooked in a garlicky cream) or Raclette (melted cheese over potatoes), Fondue and Tartiflette (potatoes, cheese, ham, and onions).

It might seem like we are stocking up for winter, but it is part of the tradition to enjoy those meals at this time of the year. Did we also mention enjoying the aperitif on Parisians terrace or at the most beautiful rooftops of the city ? Good idea, given the fact that patio heaters and blankets are often provided so you can sit out in the autumn sunshine.

An immersion into Fall Festivals and exhibition

Paris has the chance to hail some nice seasonal events and keep locals and visitors entertained. Some epic fall season festivals are the Journées du Patrimoine (the Heritage Days) in September or the Nuit Blanche in October. Usually, those French festivals are always accompanied with some tasty foods as well, so they are not to be missed.

Autumn season in Paris is not only about festivals but it is also the start of a new cultural season with the launching of new plays, performances, and exhibitions. The city’s event planning is marked with the annual autumn festival that runs from October until the end of the year. The first one was in 1972 and this celebration continues each year, featuring a mixture of various theatre, dance, music, film as well as visual art events and performances with more than 40 different venues across Paris.

Other museums to discover are some classics like the Musée d’Orsay where impressionist paintings can be admired, and Rodin Museum with its authentic sculpture garden. Some uncommon spots are the Musée Cognacq Jay which is an art museum found in a mansion in the Marais. Or if you are looking for something more eccentric, there is the Musée des Égouts where you can have a tour of Paris’ sewers. With all of that, a museum pass is a good idea, if you want to visit a few of them.

Without any doubt, Paris in autumn is very appropriate for some vacation. It is all about this different atmosphere and mixture of golden and red colours from the leaves welcoming the fall season. It is also a good period to find cheaper flights, lower accommodation prices and some quality time as well.

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