easyBus 2 euros : transferring from Charles de Gaulle airport to Paris

First of all, I would like to tell you that I don’t get paid for doing this article. It is 100% my opinion on this new transfer service. 


Getting to the center of Paris from Charles de Gaulle airport is known as expensive and inconvenient, and that is not a good start to explore this capital city. For me, most of the time I have someone pick me up, but since I have heard about easyBus, the same founder of easyJet,  and its so interesting price 2 euros/person, I decided to try it out!

The website

It’s not complicated, you can book the bus at the orange bar on the right. Don’t forget to print the ticket to show the staff before hopping on.

The price

I got it at the price of 2 euros/person. At first I thought it would be 2 euros the same for everyday and every timetable, but I just rechecked the website, and the prices are more than 2 euros. It is kind of same logic of low cost airline book early, save more.

The destinations

The place that easyBus arrives and departs at Charles de Gaulle airport is outside Door/Sortie number 5 on the Arrivals (Ground Floor) Level at Terminal 2 F which is easy to find. From the other terminals could be a long walk.


Terminal 2F at the door number 5

The place  that  easyBus arrives and departs in Paris is at Paris Palais Royal/Louvre in front of Crédit Mutuel which is very near to metro Palais Royal/Musée du Louvre in the center of many famous attractions. Anyway, you have to stand up and wait. Plus,I didn’t see any sign saying that it is the bus station of easyBus.



Paris Palais Royal/Louvre easyBus station

Map of the place to get the bus at Paris Palais Royal/Louvre :

The bus

Actually, it looks more like a van or shuttle for 12 passengers, the area in the back for the luggages is quite small, if there are really 12 persons full in the bus. There were only 6 passengers with me, so we had a lot of space for our bags.


The service

There were a staff outside the door 5 at terminal 2F, but he didn’t give us much information or even tell us where exactly we had to wait to get in. When the bus arrived, the driver seemed to stop, so we went there with our luggages, but he didn’t stop, so we walked back… and we kept doing this a few times, and the staff just looked at us and did nothing.


However, the driver helped us carry bags and check our tickets once in the bus. He made sure that everyone had the belt seaten. The journey was not very smooth, but I didn’t expect it anyway, as there are plenty of intersections in Paris.

The punctuality


We have to choose the departure time, but if you are late or early, you can just take any bus that arrives. For me, I was supposed to take the bus at 2.30 pm , but I was 5 minutes late, so I got the next bus at 3 pm. The bus departs every 30 minutes.

It took me 1 hour from Charles de Gaulle airport to Paris Palais Royal/Louvre with a little traffic.

Will I take this bus again?

My answer is….. YES! because it’s really cheap and convenient compared with the train or other services, plus it goes from/to the very center of Paris. As it is quite new, I think there will be some improvement to make this service better. Let’s see!

This is my experience of my first time taking easyBus. What about yours? Don’t hesitate to share with us on the comment down below.

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